Homework Policy for Third Grade

Students will have homework that reinforces concepts we are learning in class. Each week students will need to be tracking their reading both in school, and at home.

At times it may be helpful to send home 1-2 math worksheets per week. Math hw will be short and used to reinforce a new or challenging concept.

If your child spends more than 15 minutes on the assignment, please sign the top and return it to their teacher. The purpose of the assignment is not to cause stress or frustration, but to practice a skill. Students will NOT be penalized for it being incomplete if you have signed it acknowledging they tried their best for about 15 minutes.

Reading Minutes

Students will be tracking their reading minutes in their agenda binders this year. There is a "Reading Min." line on each day where they will write their minutes Monday-Thursday. On Thursday nights, they need to write their total for the week on Friday's line. The expectation for the week is 80 minutes.