6th Grade Absent/Quarantined Remote Learning Expectations:

Please reach out to your teachers (via email) with any questions! We are here to help you.

Start each day by following the WINN expectations:

  • Check your email

  • Check Google Classrooms for due dates and new assignments

  • Check the assignment calendar on the 6th Website

  • Create a list of work that needs to be done for the 3 classes you would typically have that day

  • Follow your in school schedule to help you stay on track with your assignments.

Teachers will set up a Google Meet with you (after 2pm) if you need help, or if you have questions that can’t be answered through email. Please email them if you need to Google Meet.

Start Here, Morning WINN!

Morning WINN Click Here

Next, After you finish your morning routine look to see what your first class is. Go to that slide show and identify what work you have in that class today. You can find the resources you need on google classroom. Click here to go to google classroom!