Remote Learning ~ Blizzard Bag Day

When a Remote Learning (aka Blizzard Bag) day is called due to inclement weather, such as, snow, ice, etc...., here is what you do:

  1. Look at the schedule of the day as if you were in school. For instance, if it is a Tuesday, follow the schedule for Tuesday classes.

  2. Sign into a google classroom, find the assignments under "Blizzard Bag Assignment"

  3. Work through your class tasks and assignments independently.

  4. As you finish the assignments for that class, then move on to the next class and do those assignment.

  5. Continue until you have completed the days assignments.

Please note: If you don't have power or technology isn't working, you will have 3 days to turn it in for credit.

Teachers will be available by email, but response times may vary due to power outages and internet connections.

On these days, there will be:

  • NO advisory/homeroom meet

  • NO Classroom meet

  • NO WINN meet