About Us

No Mess at GCS is an organization started at Greenland Central School (GCS) created by 6N. We are trying to minimize the amount of trash outside and on our fields.

Most people do not have time to help, maybe its work, kids or just everyday things like going to the grocery store. If you happen to be one of those people something you can do to help in less than 5 minutes is. Pick up 3 pieces of trash that are not yours. Put your trash in the trash/recycling. Cut down waist that you throw away.

You can also pick up trash every time that you are on a walk around the building. As a class we picked up over a pound in just 10 minutes. You can start doing that daily in between subjects or periods. Another way to help is take the time to throw away every single piece of trash that you had.

We as 6N believe that It is our responsibility to take care of our school and our earth. No mess at GCS is a group of 6th graders trying to make our community stronger and cleaner. It is our goal to create a sustainable solution to the trash found on school ground.