About Our School

The Greenland Central School currently comprises grades K through 8 with an enrollment of about 400 students.  The school is organized around “houses” and teaching teams- grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8, with each grade currently consisting of two or three class sections.

Our faculty, along with their colleagues in SAU 50, are committed to the practice of Professional Learning Communities (PLC), as we continue to define and align our curriculum to state standards, provide quality instruction and clear expectations, gather and utilize performance data, and support learners relevant to their level of achievement.

Our school operates under a collaborative leadership model and a set of core values. The administration and PLC Leadership Team work together in order to make sure we are adhering to our core values and supporting students both academically and social emotionally.
This year's theme for our school is "Community". A meaningful theme that describes us and our connections within Greenland. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us closer as a school family. We promote caring for those around us and work with one another to tackle the challenges we face.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Greenland School District is to enable every student to acquire and demonstrate the essential skills, knowledge, and problem solving abilities needed to become thinking, considerate, open minded, responsible citizens and family members who value learning throughout their lives.

The mission statement of SAU 50 is to “Meet the physical, mental, and emotional safety and well-being of students so meaningful learning can continue.”